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The latest on building the biggest chocolate warehouse in the world

WDP: the latest on building the biggest chocolate warehouse in the world

It’s finger-licking great to watch!

Quick recap: we are building Barry Callebaut’s international distribution centre in Lokeren – or as we like to call it, the biggest chocolate warehouse in the world! This impressive piece of work will be finished by May 2021. But it’s high time to check in on the latest progress on-site!

Find out what’s cooking!

This project is like a never-ending box of chocolates: every time you think you have seen it all, there’s another tasty surprise waiting for you.

With 60,000 m² of conventional warehouse combined with a fully automated high bay, this 40-metre-high building is raring to be packed with chocolate goodness! And with over 125,000 pallets, it’s both jaw-dropping and mouth-watering at the same time.

Superb ingredients all around

Yes, the outside of the building will be pretty monumental, but let’s take a look at some of the extraordinary specs on the inside. The building will be 100% energy-neutral once delivered. Unsurprisingly, it will boast a BREEAM Outstanding certificate. With its solar panels, materials with a low lifecycle cost, geothermal energy, charging docs for electrical vehicles and abundant amenities for cyclists, this gem is built for the future.

Check those numbers!

If you’re more of a numbers person, we’ve got some cool facts and figures for you. Once the largest chocolate warehouse in the world is complete, it will be a technical masterpiece! Check this out:

  • HVAC (by Aircoplus)
    • 12,000 metres of isolated central heating and ice water tubes.
    • 7 air cooling groups
    • 2.1 megawatts of installed cooling power with heating pumps.
    • 2.54 megawatts of installed heating power with heating pumps.
    • 1.500 metres of finned tubes
  • Fire safety (by Altebra)
    • 31,000 sprinklers
    • 65 kilometres of extinguishing water tubes
    • 1,125,000 litres of extinguishing water supply
  • Rack construction (by SSI Schaefer)
    • 4,280 tons of steel and 1,055,739 bolted joints in the high bay
    • 350 conveyors
    • 13 cranes
    • 23 monorail vehicles
    • 25 km of electrical cables

Status update: where are we at?

Of course, these specs relate to the fully completed project. Where are we currently at with the building process? Well, the low bay is 95% finished, with all 48 loading docks in place and 60% of the floors already done. The technical installations are still in progress.

The exterior landscape is now 40% complete, and the high bay is coming along fine too. Fifty percent of the racks are in place, 20% of the roofing is already finished, and the full steel structure now weighs 43,000 tons! Impressive, right?

Discover the status in our latest video


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