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Steen Elektriciteit gets chocolate warehouse up and running

Work on the world’s largest chocolate warehouse for Barry Callebaut is progressing rapidly and the planned completion date is getting closer and closer. When the distribution centre is up and running in mid-2021, it will be thanks to electricity provided by Steen Elektriciteit. “This project is a great opportunity to showcase our knowledge and expertise.”

No less than 7 km of cable ladders and gutters run through the Barry Callebaut warehouse, which is currently being developed on behalf of WDP. It contains a total of 6 km of heavy-duty power cables and 20 km of network cabling. It’s quite the job, which is in the hands of Steen Elektriciteit from Zedelgem. The relatively young company, which specialises in industrial electricity works, sees this large-scale project as a special opportunity.

From A to Z

“Steen Elektriciteit has been around for about 20 years, which is quite a young age in the sector,” says co-director Tsarina Vandekerckhove. “During this period, we focused on the supply of electricity for industrial buildings from start to finish. The total cabling, medium-voltage cabinets, distribution boards, lighting, socket outlets, Wi-Fi points, you name it.”

Steen Elektriciteit’s activities in the low-rise are in the final phase right now. “We’re currently working on the last of the lighting for the low bay,” Vandekerckhove explains. “After the ceilings have been finished and the warehouses have been painted, we’ll complete our work there, with the last bits of emergency lighting, power sockets, etc. After that, we start with the offices and the exterior work.”

Closely involved

Steen Elektriciteit is also currently working in the automated high bay, although it’s role there is somewhat more limited. “We initially provided the power to the various distribution boards here and, of course, we’re still very much involved. SSI Schäfer’s first tests will be on the agenda, which we’ll also monitor closely.” Read more about the automation from SSI Schäfer here.

Optimal transparency

The Steen Elektriciteit team is, of course, very happy to be part of this special story. “The Callebaut project is a great opportunity to showcase our expertise,” says a proud Vandekerckhove. “Because of its size, this is a unique challenge, but we have built up enough experience in recent years to bring it to a successful conclusion without any problems. The collaboration with the contractor Alheembouw, as well as with WDP, Aircoplus, Altebra, SSI Schäfer, and all other parties is flawless. There is plenty of room for clear communication and transparency. We have a virtual meeting every week so any conflicts can be eliminated immediately via the digital BIM model, ensuring we stay right on schedule,” concludes Vandekerckhove.


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