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Gigantic container wall reveals the building of Barry Callebaut’s Global Distribution Centre

Big announcement for a big project

WDP is building the new worldwide distribution centre for Barry Callebaut in Lokeren. Strong steel design, liberally sprinkled with sustainable technology. An exceptional project like this deserves an exceptional announcement.

Standing a single block behind this project

Alongside the E17 in Lokeren, a gigantic wall of containers has been erected to focus attention on this project. It’s right at the spot where WDP is working hard on the logistics future of the global leader in cocoa and chocolate.

Passing motorists are witnessing a real tour de force! Not to mention seeing such a mouth-wateringly delicious launch campaign.

The impressive facts and figures

Want to know more? WDP has built a wall 10.4 metres high out of 18 shipping containers. In total, the wall measures 36 metres in width: a central section 18 metres across and two separate wings, each 6 metres wide. All safely piled on top of solid foundations made from stone fill. The whole thing is wonderfully illuminated at night, using energy generated by solar panels.

Inside the containers: 81 tons of ballast to provide stability. On the containers: 5 immense banners.
Behind the containers: the impressive building site of the world’s biggest chocolate warehouse.

See the project for yourself

Curious to find out what’s lurking behind the containers? See for yourself what WDP is building for this unique project via this site or follow us on Instagram.


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